The capital held in your pension and investments is likely to be invested in a wide range of sectors, assets and regions across the globe but how do you ensure the investment strategy is aligned with your views on ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly investments?

Can your investments help make a difference? At Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd, we believe the answer is yes.

The COP26 UN Climate Change Conference saw governments agree to pledges on methane, coal and deforestation, but did it go far enough and how will the commitments translate into investment propositions?

Achieving the transition to net zero emissions relies on private finance. Mark Carney, the UK Prime Minister’s Finance Advisor for COP26, says that the whole global economy will need to shift: “companies, banks, insurers and investors all have to adjust their business models and develop credible plans for the transition to a net zero economy and implement them”. 

An effective way to protect the planet for future generations is to invest in companies developing solutions to its most pressing environmental problems.

There is a wide range of organisations promoting ESG (ethical, sustainable and governance) investments. Many people find this daunting. Many investment and savings providers make big claims about how climate-friendly their products are, but it can be hard to work out how much genuine impact they’re likely to have.

If ESG investing is an opportunity you are eager to explore or you want to review how your pension or savings are invested, then there are some considerations. 

Your investments must align not only with your values but also with your growth expectations and risk appetite. As with any approach to investing, you should choose the funds that are right for you and obtain professional financial advice to understand the market you want to invest in.


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