Term Assurance

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The most basic type of life insurance is called term assurance. With term Parker Kelly’s term assurance in Liverpool, you choose the amount you want to be insured for and the period for which you want cover. If you die within the term, the policy pays out to your beneficiaries. If you don’t die during the term, the policy doesn’t pay out and the premiums you’ve paid are not returned to you.

There are two main types of term assurance in Liverpool to consider – level-term and decreasing-term insurance. Sometimes a combination of the two is the best answer.

Term Assurance in Liverpool – Level-Term Life Insurance Policies

A level-term policy pays out a lump sum if you die within the specified term. The amount you’re covered for remains level throughout the term – hence the name. The monthly or annual premiums you pay usually stay the same, too.

Level-term policies can be a good option for family protection, where you want to leave a lump sum that your family can invest to live on after you’ve gone. It can also be a good option if you need a specified amount of cover for a certain length of time, e.g. to cover an interest-only mortgage that’s not covered by an endowment policy.

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Decreasing-Term Life Insurance Policies

With a decreasing-term policy, the amount you’re covered for decreases over the term of the policy. These policies are often used to cover a debt that reduces over time, such as a repayment mortgages.

Premiums are usually significantly cheaper than for level-term cover as the amount insured reduces as time goes on. Decreasing-term insurance policies can also be used for inheritance tax planning purposes.

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