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Finance Protection in Liverpool

At least one million Britons are thought to be financially responsible for both younger and older family members. And this “sandwich generation” looks set to keep growing as couples leave it later to have children and the older generation lives longer.

If you are a healthy person, employed or self-employed with a good income you may feel confident that you are able to provide for you and your family. However is it always important to remember your financial situation could change very quickly due to a wide variety of reasons, placing pressure on you and your family; quality finance protection in Liverpool is where this can come in handy.

There are a wide range of insurances and protections which can help cover you, your business and your family. Insurance and protection can help give you the peace of mind that your loved ones will remain looked after.

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financial protection in liverpool

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Key Features of Income Protection:

  • Monthly payment – The monthly payments will cover some of your lost earnings, helping you maintain your lifestyle while you’re away from work
  • Flexible cover – You can choose when your payments begin and how long the policy will pay out for if you’re unable to work. Your adviser will discuss the options with you
  • A supportive advice team – Our team is trained to understand how you’re feeling when you need to make a claim, and do everything they can to help

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