The end of February saw one of the most rapid market corrections in history as investors confronted the building evidence that the outbreak of the 2019 strain of coronavirus, dubbed Covid-19, had not been contained within China and became a global pandemic. 

Such crises bring out the best and the worst in people. Sadly, unscrupulous scammers target the vulnerable. Scammers thrive and succeed in times of uncertainty, when consumers are bombarded with information via the news and balance sheets are volatile. It’s easy to fall for a product that’s offering to shelter your hard-earned cash from the current storm or offering a high rate of return.

The urge to simply ‘opt out’ of saving to try and prevent further losses. In times of heightened if not unprecedented levels of uncertainty everybody has a significant urge to ‘do something’, it is human nature to want to fix something if it goes ‘wrong’. The toilet paper and general panic buying, against best advice from the government and the supply chain managers, were testimony to that very human notion.

At Parker Kelly Financial Services Ltd, we make advice accessible and front of mind, especially for those who try their best to save what they can but don’t necessarily have the additional capital to spend on expensive advice. We provide personalised advice and guidance on all aspects of financial advice as we are an Independent Financial Adviser.

What does it mean to be an Independent Financial Adviser?

Being an Independent Financial Adviser means we have to look at the whole of the market and offer you what we believe to be the best product or investment which matches your own personal circumstances and requirements.

We offer different options for paying for our services and the amount of fee and the way that it is paid is agreed with you during our free initial discussion at outset, before the transaction is undertaken. 

We can also offer financial guidance on what is needed and is usually more general advice.

We offer an initial meeting free of charge so that you can see if the services that we offer are right for you. 

Over the coming weeks we will be delivering a weekly blog that provides detail on Parker Kelly Financial Services and who we are, as well as information and articles on financial products.